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Established in Paris in 2013, HOUSE OF BASE is since 2020, a Berlin based streetwear label creating unisex clothing with a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability.

HOUSE OF BASE shifts the codes of fashion, thanks to its innovative approach of upcycling and streetwear couture style (self labeled “faute couture”, “faute” meaning “mistake” in french).

The HOUSE OF BASE style is oversized, colorful and bold, it plays with mixes of materials, strong prints and the diversion of dress codes. The label produces on demand with attention and care using dead-stock materials and durable fabrics. Pop and subcultures at the core of their inspirations, HOUSE OF BASE aims to create limited series of products and affordable classics to reflect a fair vision of community and uniqueness.

HOUSE OF BASE is more than just a brand but a collective-driven project aiming to empower voices and visions. Self-sustained and independent, the label operates as a creative platform showcasing its own vision (through shows, installations, performances, films and most recently music) but also collaborates with individuals and artists from diverse fiels such as music, art, films and education.

Our collaborative works include costume design for music videos, films, stage performances and art performances. Our creative involvement navigates through technical and consulting support for brands, projects and universities.