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to buy house of base means supporting an independent artist/designer. it means also supporting causes dear to our heart and philosophy. it means supporting fair work ethics and productions. it means supporting sustainability.
each piece is produced with consciousness and passion. each piece is unique. house of base offers an artisanal quality, sustainable and resistant with time. each piece is a statement and each purchase is helping people in needs.

house of base is not about the perfect fit. house of base is not about standards. house of base is about uniqueness and give its owner a wide freedom for expression, styling and experimentation.

the house of base you´ ll be purchasing is the one that is made for you and is the one that will make the difference.

house of base is faute couture !!! “B” the difference NOW!


every order will be processed from monday to friday. if an order is placed on friday, this one will be processed from monday on, same if your order is placed during the weekend, it will be processed only from monday on. after your order is being confirmed, this one will be processed and shipped within the next 48 hours.


shipping costs are estimated depending your location. for europe, all orders over 100 euros are shipped for free – under 100 euros, shipping costs 15 euros. for the rest of the world, all orders over 150 euros are shipped for free – under 100 euros, shipping costs 35 euros. depending on coupon codes and offers, those informations could variate and will be obviously communicated to you before any confirmations.


house of base designs are all unique pieces and come with a unique size too. if you have any questions concerning the sizes or if you need any extra informations concerning an item(s), please, feel free to ask before placing order at hello@houseofbase.fr


each piece is unique and handmade in house. every collection is made out of leftovers coupons and fabrics, which makes it not always possible to reproduce one style.


50% of proceeds will be shared between the following organizations: CasaNem, Utopia56 Paris and Acceptess-T.


no returns are possible. each piece is considered unique and can´ t be risking any damages of any kind or loss. plus, as half proceeds go to charity, it is then impossible to take it back.


no exchanges possible.


no refund possible.